Christa Reniers does not like to expand on the genesis of her creations, nor talk about what inspires her or what her designs are likely to inspire... Starting from an emotion, a sensation, a concept, she brings her jewels to life. She is always driven by her desire to go straight to the essence of things and to avoid useless or distracting flourishes. According to Christa, her jewels need to speak for themselves. They need to give free reign to the imagination of those who love them. They need to form their personality by wearing them. That is all that matters to her.

Ever since the '80s, Christa has created an entire universe with various recurring themes. Year by year, she fills and completes this universe with new creations that spring from her imagination. Away from the seasonal collections that typify ready-to-wear fashion, Christa Reniers' creations rather belong to the design world. They are true classics, some even icons, which continue to be sought after - even decades after their first appearance in the collection. 

The flowers

Well known by her aficionados: the flower theme. A rather classic theme in the jewellery sector, yet Christa Reniers sets her designs apart by her naturalistic approach to the subject, using no stylisation of forms whatsoever. From the small pansy with leaves crumpled by the wind over the rich and dense dahlia to the elegant vanilla flower; Christa's flowers appear in all their fragility and diversity of forms, reinforcing the unique personality of each and every one of them. Not limited to earthly designs, Christa explores the oceans as well with her creations reminiscent of corals.  

The graphics

Graphic figures also form an important part of Christa's collection. Large, flat surfaces and perfectly rounded curves bring the work of the great contemporary sculptors to mind. They are testimony to the astonishing know-how of the artisans in Christa's workshop. The incredible balance of lines and the carefully chosen voids never fail to surprise. It is exactly through their purity and simplicity that these strong designs catch the attention.

Organic geometry

When organic forms meet graphic figures, we find another series of creations that bring the geometric forms of nature to mind. The famous Ball Cascade Ring and its sister, the Cube Cascade Ring, consist of 4 mobile rings that form different configurations according to the arrangement on the finger that wears them. Or what about the Thin Mosaic Stick, which is at the same time fragile and precious? Or the Floating series with its undulating shapes? Available in rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces, this theme brings variety forth from unity.  

The stones

And then there are the stones... Precious or semi-precious, they appear either in the form of small pebbles, sometimes shaped by the waves, sometimes extracted from the hard mass of minerals. Or they can appear as delicate treats for the eyes, rounded or faceted, or as part of one of the recurring themes of Christa's world.