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Christa Reniers & Pink Ribbon

This week, the new design for Pink Ribbon 2016 by Christa Reniers was presented to the press. Edouard Vermeulen, designer of the 2015 edition, passed the torch to Christa in the presence of Pink Ribbon ambassador Kristien Hemmerechts. For this elegant new edition, Christa was inspired by her successful Ball Cascade ring.  The Pink Ribbon goes all out to provide hope and improve survival chances for those who are fighting breast cancer.

To Christa, this little ribbon symbolizes a big eagerness to fight. “Everyone knows someone who is fighting or has fought breast cancer. A sister, friend, mother, colleague or daughter. It’s for them that I’ve designed this small piece of jewellery as a quiet, but strong gesture. As a balled fist and a soft, helping hand. Because we’re so much stronger together.”

Looking to support Pink Ribbon’s cause and fight breast cancer? The ribbon is on sale from September 20th onwards! A limited edition in silver will follow, so stay tuned.