Rolling Drop Earrings

The Rolling Drop stands for a silver twist of character and jeunesse. This asymmetric duo contains a small, subtle earring and a longer, curved one that travels up along your ear lobe.


  • Certificated design of Christa Reniers
  • In sterling silver
  • Also available as a ring
  • Handcrafted in Brussels, Belgium
Rolling  Drop Earring ZilverChrista Reniers Rolling Drop Earring Asymmetric PairCf030004 Rolling Drop Earring Asymetric Pair Zw WRolling Drop Detail 0405Rolling Drop Detail 0413Rolling  Drop Earring Detail 0414 ZilverRolling  Drop Earring 0456 ZilverRolling  Drop Earringrring Detail 0407 ZilverRolling Drop 4234 ZilverRolling Drop 4238 ZilverRolling Drop 4240 Zilver
  • Rolling  Drop Earring Zilver
  • Christa Reniers Rolling Drop Earring Asymmetric Pair
  • Cf030004 Rolling Drop Earring Asymetric Pair Zw W
  • Rolling Drop Detail 0405
  • Rolling Drop Detail 0413
  • Rolling  Drop Earring Detail 0414 Zilver
  • Rolling  Drop Earring 0456 Zilver
  • Rolling  Drop Earringrring Detail 0407 Zilver
  • Rolling Drop 4234 Zilver
  • Rolling Drop 4238 Zilver
  • Rolling Drop 4240 Zilver