Big Balloon Pendant

Like a big balloon, this silver pendant catches the eye. With a diameter of 5 cm, it’s a subtle though remarkable accessory. Have a close look and notice the extra bit of roughness on the silver surface and the small twist in the upper part of the pendant. A true classic. It can be worn close to the neck on a simple short chain, a chain adjustable to the type of neckline, or on a thin choker.


  • Certificated design of Christa Reniers
  • 5.2 cm diameter
  • In sterling silver or 18k gold
  • Handcrafted in Brussels, Belgium
Balloon Necklace 1061Cf030054 Big Balloon Pendant Adjustable Chain Zw WCf030049 Big Balloon Pendant Choker Zw WBalloon Necklace Detail 1024Balloon Necklace Detail 1032Balloon Necklace Detail 1037Balloon Necklace Detail 1048Balloon Necklace Detail 1058
  • Balloon Necklace 1061
  • Cf030054 Big Balloon Pendant Adjustable Chain Zw W
  • Cf030049 Big Balloon Pendant Choker Zw W
  • Balloon Necklace Detail 1024
  • Balloon Necklace Detail 1032
  • Balloon Necklace Detail 1037
  • Balloon Necklace Detail 1048
  • Balloon Necklace Detail 1058